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Holocaust Day at Pencoed Comprehensive School

Here is a roundup of what I was talking about yesterday at Pencoed Comprehensive.



Here is a link to a podcast I recorded on Rudolf Hoess some time ago, it explains the moral problems surrounding his testimony and the book Commandant of Auschwitz)

(Below is Hoess’s house as seen from Auschwitz One).

Eichmann and Arendt

Here is another recording on the Wannsee Conference

Here is an article by the historian Tony Judt on Hannah Arendt and the ‘problem of evil’


A great place to start reading about the role of bystanders during the Holocaust is in the chapter German Moralities in Richard J Evans Third Reich At War.

And here is a narration of the book The Drowned and the Saved by Primo Levi


One final thing: Here a resources page for my website containing lots of materials on Nazi Germany (you need to scroll down a bit!).

Here too is an essay I wrote recently on new thinking in the Holocaust 


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